Copenhagen kicked off the Publishers Empowered Roadshow, a series of in-person events that are part of the Publishers Empowered Community. The event was a resounding success, bringing together industry peers, friends, and partners for thought-provoking discussions and meaningful in-person networking.

Speakers from leading danish-publishers, including bold.dk, Step Network, and MGDK, shared their expertise and insights with attendees, making the event an unparalleled opportunity to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the publishing industry in Denmark.

We can't wait to return to Copenhagen for the next Roadshow, and we hope to see you there!

Previous speakers

Key takeaways

Kim Sicko Skovgaards
Adtech & Operations Team Lead
Step Network
"One area where we've unexpectedly benefitted is through centralized reporting.

By standardizing reporting across various SSPs, we avoid the problem of scattered data that is difficult to analyze. This has been a huge win for us, allowing us to cross-reference data and identify potential opportunities in areas like bitrates, advertisers, and timeouts.

We prioritize transparency in reporting, measurement, and product, which helps us make a strong case in situations where someone challenges the accuracy of our product measurements. We don't make exceptions when it comes to centralizing reporting, which we consider the key to our RevOps success."
Victoria Thyland
"I believe that the trend in the industry is moving away from constantly expanding tech teams. With so many technologies available, it's more about having the right people and implementing the right tools to support their work.

By utilizing these technologies, we can streamline processes, improve efficiency, and reduce the need for additional personnel. So, it's not about hiring more people, but about having the right team and resources in place to achieve our goals."
Susanne Sperling
"The New York Times and Washington Post are really impressing me with their innovative use of technology. They're focusing on contextual targeting, which is key because targeting is about emotions. They're testing different things like asking people to rate their stories based on their emotions, which helps them place different ads that are more relevant to their readers. For example, a commercial for a watch might work really well if someone feels sad. It's all about experimenting and seeing what works rather than just assuming that a certain ad will be effective in a certain place. The data they've collected shows that this approach is effective. I find this kind of contextual targeting really interesting.

Overall, though, I think the ad space is becoming oversaturated with ads that aren't very innovative or creative. It feels like we're just adding more and more ads without really thinking about how to make them more engaging for consumers. Some publishers are doing really amazing things, but others are just trying to survive."

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Previous location & details

Matrikel1 - Mesh Community
Højbro Pl. 10, 1200 København, Denmark


Who can attend the Publishers Empowered Roadshow?

Publishers Empowered Roadshow is open to attendees from publishers only. Other tech providers should contact us directly at marketing[at]pubstack.io.

Is Publishers Empowered Roadshow free to attend?

Yes! It is free to register and attend Publishers Empowered Roadshow. We can’t guarantee that all registrants will be granted access to the live event due to limited capacity.

When is the next edition?

The next edition of the Publishers Empowered Roadshow in Copenhagen will be held in 2024.

Can I pre-register for 2024?

Of course! You can register in the form and we'll send you the 2024 date as soon as it's confirmed.

Do you have other Roadshows planned in 2023?

Yes! You can register for the London Roadshow here and for the Madrid one here.

If I have further questions, who can I contact?

Reach out to us with your questions by emailing marketing[at]pubstack.io.

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